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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bandai's SH FiguArts Domon Kasshu

Bandai SH FiguArts has finally released a posesable G-Gundam figure and it's Domon Kasshu! Here's a quick comedic review on this particular figure.

Brief Character Intro:

Domon Kasshu is the main character of the series called G-Gundam and pilot of the Shining
Gundam and later on after the battle with the Devil(Dark) Gundam and Master Asia leaving the Shining Gundam heavly damaged, he was then sent God Gundam (Burning Gundam) to battle. Domon Kasshu is voiced by Tomokazu Seki in the Japanese who also voices alot of memorable characters in anime.

Box Front and Back

Instruction manual on how to assemble the parts of stand and how to properly exchange the figure's hands and accessories.

You can see on the lower right of the opened box Domon's face sword and cloth for his meditation pose. On the right side various hands for poses like the shining and God finger. At the back the stand is placed underneath.

Domon out of the box. As you can see he's very well detailed through and through, from the Red Sun Japan symbol from the antenas which enables him to move Shining or G-Gundam. In this picture that I've taken I forgot to add the headband which is also included in the box, you'll see it in the further images. Other comments here is that Domon has an outstanding ball joint articulation. You can nearly pose him in almost any pose you want and most importantly you can pose him to do the trademark moves he does in the anime, game, manga or whatever media he has been in.

Height Comparisons.
This is only an estimate, but I guess he's about 10 inches tall. Putting him next to Batista shows dominace of the WWE wrestler in clothing. lol

Kallen and Domon. There's a joke surrounding Kallen that she's Domon's long lost daughter. Others say that she's Domon and Allenby's love child lol. But you cannot deny the resemblance of the two.

Here's the spoof of Kallen as a G-Gundam pilot.
Domon and Konata.
Domon as Meito Anizawa or better known as the Anime Tencho. Anime Tencho is voiced also by the voice actor of Domon Kasshu. So this is somewhat nearest you'll get as of now, not unless they release a Anime Tencho figure. Densetsu no Shojo A!!!(Legendary Girl A)

Here is Domon's battle cry face. Looks retard I know, but you can't deny the awesomeness it brings in a battle pose. You can also see here the his headband which I forgot to put in when I assembled him.

The Stand. A Mobile Fighter Cockpit replica which is not half bad. Easy to assemble and quite sturdy for dynamic arial poses. Like the infamous SPINZAKU!!! Seen below, as Domon kicks butt.

He also comes with a fireball of his fiinishing move called the SEKIHA-TEN-KYOU-KEN or Heavens Soaring Rock Breaking Punch.

Using the stand you can make the pose of the dashing GodFinger. Kinda new experience when it's not the Gundam doing it.

He also has a sword and you can pose him in a heat end pose. Iam holding up "CLOWN FACE" in that pose since the figure cannot carry that much weight. lol. Also a good thing about this figure is that you can make it stand even without the stand. Any figure like that gets a BIG plus and double thumbs up in my book.

Comparing it to the REAL Gundams. Sorry this is the only best G-gundam mech figure I got as of now.

Facial Expressions. Kenshiro from revoltech helps us see Domon's different faces and what can it do to the character!

Close eyes are for the consentrating or meditating Domon, but it can also be used for YAOI poses such as the examples below. That is not how to do the shinning finger folks. ^^;

Kenshiro - GET OFF ME!!! WAAA---CCHAAAA~~!!!

This is the proper meditation pose. There are hands that make that pose. Moving his headband makes it more dynamic looking.

Yoko reap...Titi touch using the shinning finger yet again for ecchi purposes.

Uke or go Seme Domon is hot in bed. lol. But this is where he lacks it, you can flaten his back down since he has those antena's so women figures wanna make love to Domon, he's gotta be on top. lol ^_^

Moar Yoko and Domon fanservice....

Face Palm...
Yoko - What's wrong?
Domon - How many times I have told you Iam the one that is supposed to be on top?

And that's a wrap folks! Hope you had fun on my review on SH FiguArts Domon.

More images and info here.

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