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Chatting Again
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rosario+Vampire Capu2 episode 10

Episode 10. Bishounen to Vampire

arning Spoilers

Been only watching the censored raws so I TRY to deviate from the censored images and post more of the uncensored ones. The story starts with the girl from the student council Teshi Deshiko who is being talked about by other students as she walks down the path to the school premises she encounters a handsome young man. After a few words from the guy she fell in love with him. He was introduce to Tsukune's class as Koutaro, as of the obivious the girls all cheered for him since he's a handsome young man. But Moka, Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore are loyal to Tsukune. Later at the canteen Yukari slips ang Koutaro saves her, suddenly after hearing the words "Chu-fang..." Yukari fell for the handsome guy! After that at PE class he did the same with Mizore as she was stalking Tsukune in PE class. Moka and Kurumu also fell for him and Kurumu nearly undressing in front of him flashing which supposed to be her boobs or is there a bra there? Who knows? Until the uncensored and DVD versions are released we will not know. Going back to the story Koutaro was swooning all the girls while an angry Kokoa was looking for her familiar Kou-chan. While Tsukune was left high and dry by the girls, he'd gone to the aid of their well known pervert leader of the newspaper club Gin-senpai. But to Tsukune's demise, the charm spell of Koutaro works on guys too. lol

Koutaro then performs at the gym with a mini concert with the girls as many more girls flock due to his marvelous singing voice. Tsukune tries to stop him, but S&M Queen Ruby was there to stop him. Though all the girls are hypnotised they're minds says no to there actions. Then Kokoa enters the stage looking and gets pissed. Koutaro tries to charm her, but to no avail, he used it again and again until Kokoa was nearly under control. Moka fighting the hypnosis tires to save Kokoa, while Koutaro was still singing, Tsukune manages to escape Ruby and take off Moka's rosario and transforming her to inner Moka. The sisters kick Koutaro's butt because of some UNFORTUNATE events he's done. He reverts back to Kokoa's familiar and the gang is happy again, Kokoa leaves them with a battered Kou-chan by her side.

Next Episode. Lilith/Mirror + Vampire

Rissu Mirror chapter perhaps in the manga?

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Balthierbunanza said...

KOUtaro looks like Sebastian Michaelis

"I am a Bat to the core." :D