Chatting Again

Chatting Again
Year 2012

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rosario+Vampire Capu2 episode 11

Episode 11. Mirror to Vampire

Cherries and Split personalities....


If you're a manga reader this episode falls on the Anti-Thesis arc and the Rissu Mirror arc in the season1 manga. The story goes Kyo-chan Tsukune's cousin goes to Youkai Academy. She bumps into or should I say Kokoa crashes to her. As the two had a little chat and Kou-chan(the bat) said something and Kokoa rushed to the school as Kyo-chan followed, one problem. The lunch that Kyo-chan was carrying was switched with what was Kokoa's carrying. The scene is similar on how Tsukune first meet Kokoa.

As Kyo-chan goes to Tsukune's school, she see's the girls all over Tsukune and gets jealous a bit. As this happens someone speaks to her, she opens the lunch box and was surprised that it was a mirror, the scene now goes to Kokoa opening her box, but to find food is inside. Kou-chan eats a piece and Kokoa mad hits him for she knows the girl she bumped into got the mirror that was supposed to be hers. Kyo-chan freaks out and runs outside as a fairy in the mirror comes out and speaks to her. She then wishes to know what is the real school is. Then all of a sudden the whatever the mirror reflects turns to it's original form! Namely all the students and teachers there are monsters. The youkai otaku's from the first season where the first victims, then Kurumu and Yukari and the rest of the school. Ruby informs Moka and Tsukune as a perverted Ginei in werewolf form barrages in to take pictures of Moka's panties and Ruby's military look. Moka in her anger clobbered Ginei and the 3 went on. Ruby explains that the Lilith Mirror is the 'cause of all this, the 3 separated to cover more ground to find the mirror as the school has gone to chaos the monsters found Kyo-chan hiding and the fairy of the Lilith mirror left her to die. Moka finds Kyo-chan and helps her escape and uses the Lilith mirror to transform herself into inner Moka and she beat the monsters, but the Lilith mirror separates Inner and Outer Moka into 2 separate beings, both have half the strength of the other and is weaken by the rosario cross limiter and inner was hit by the fairy and was down.

Meanwhile Tsukune has to deal with the AWAKENED girls of their true desire. As the girls plead to Tsukune to choose on whom he'll mate with. But Tsukune as the gentleman he didn't choose, but instead he said all of them are precious friends which snapped out the spell of the mirror. The girls fought the Lilith mirror fairy blindfolded and by the help by Kyo-chan shouting the direction where the mirror is, the fairy was defeated by the combined attack of the 4 girls Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore and Ruby. This episode the 4 girls saved the day instead of Inner Moka. Kokoa comes to her Onee-sama, but was rejected, Ruby returns everything to normal as she drags Kokoa for disciplinary action. Then the seal of the school starts to break! The Human world is merging with the Youkai world. To be continued...

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