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Chatting Again
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV HYPE!!!!!!

Super Street Fighter IV


For the past weeks Capcom has been dropping bombs on hyping Super Street Fighter IV. One giving us the cgi Juri trailer. Featuring the new girl Juri VS Chunli and Cammy. Then the FAMITSU magazine leaks out the SFIII-series characters Ibuki, Dudley and Makoto. Which was followed up yet again with a nostalgic CGI character intro of the 3 along with the other earlier announced characters Guy, Cody, Adon, Dee Jay, T.Hawk and Juri. The best part here is that the SFIII chacters Makoto, Dudley and Ibuki retain all their special moves from the SFIII-series, though there are a few adjustments on some parts, but overall if you see them in action and most importantly if you see their Ultra's it's just mind blowing! Since Capcom added a cinematic(like ultra's in SFIV) movement on the Ultra's which made it more awesome to see.

Now only the new comer Hakan who is a man said to be obsessed with oil had yet to be seen and announced. You can here him speak after the SSFIV New Challengers trailer.

Hyped Images

Character Select Screen

FAMITSU magazine leaked scans

Trailers and Ultra

Juri VS Chunli and Cammy CGI trailer

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