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Chatting Again
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV Sakura Ganbanru Ending


In the ending of the Sakura Ganbanru manga, we see an older Sakura, a track and field gym teacher and sees Ryu again and both of them spar. Masahiko Nakihara created this ending in the manga to conclude Sakura's high school life to her now present career.

Now going to the Street Fighter IV series. Before Street Fighter Characters are requested to return a Capcom Unity member named Akiba created a thread called Sakura Grown up Please. Sakura fans, players and yours truly flock that thread and many ideas came for an older Sakura. Still many of people there including myself always refer to the Sakura Ganbanru Manga where she's older. When Capcom released the game SFIV arcades many where disappointed that Sakura didn't make it. Then the console release she was there! But still a school girl, there where hints that she got held back due to all the fighting she did with Dan and Blanka to promote Dan's Saikyo Dojo not to mention she beat Zangief in her SFIV Aftermath trailer and became popular.

While with Dan and Blanka, Sakura is using Dan to get around the world in search for Ryu again for another sparing fight. In game cut scenes in SFIV Sakura meets up Ryu and spars with him and quotes she's grown up a little which she's become better at fighting and a possible a tribute to the thread in Capcom Unity. Ryu's ending intertwines with Sakura's and Sakura's with Dan's.

Now in the ending of Super Street Fighter IV, Sakura, Dan and Blanka are still on a journey to promote Dan's dojo. While Sakura still hopes she can see "HIM"(Ryu) again and become a better fighter.

Ryu and Sakura both leave there separate ways in her ending....but there is a huge surprise in the ending! We see an older Sakura not to mention hotter in a gym jacket uniform walking her dog, where in which she sees Ryu again. This ending denotes that Capcom followed the Sakura Ganbanru manga route with the gym teacher Sakura and listened to the fans Sakura has grown up, though here Sakura by chance Sakura sees Ryu walking and runs towards him, while in the manga Ryu goes to Sakura to spar with her.

The English translated version of Sakura Ganbanru manga is translated by Udon Entertainment.

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