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Chatting Again
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DmC - Devil May Cry Reboot

DmC (Devil May Cry) is a REBOOT of the Devil May Cry series and is now being developed by Ninja Theory and published by Capcom for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it is the first in the series not to be developed internally by Capcom. The game's story will not follow the continuity of the previous Devil May Cry games and will serve as a new origin on Dante on how he became to be the demon hunter/slayer we know. Take note this Dante is now has now a darker persona, a sadistic psychopath out for vengeance where the reasons will be revealed later on in the game. Limbo City is the setting of the story a city ruled by demons from Hell. Dante is a young man born with a demon linage born in Limbo City. He is being held in a mental hospital or a police station beaten up and bruised and interrogated as subject 64432B.

TGS Trailer


WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!!!! Initially in TGS(Tokyo Game Show) this was the most controversial and most negatively received by fans and gamers alike. They changed Dante's hair from white/silver to black with a white patch. Interview says he'll eventually gain back his white hair due to the course of the gameplay LAME!!! Did they made a reboot just to tell the story of Dante's hair? That's the stupidest thing I've herd. Though fans like myself can let that slide, but
the interviews on Ninja Theory and Capcom are not so good either. They seem to not know alot about the old Devil May Cry series games and is bashing the old school Dante like in which he's not cool anymore, he's a fashionista and will be laughed at when he goes out to the public. LOL!!! and rage at the same time. Like their take on Dante won't get arrested for looking like a drug addict junkie emo from the movie Twilight. Also the lead cheif designer looks similar to the new Dante, which greatly added fuel to the fire. Alot of inconsistent interviews have been said and done which gives NT and Capcom less credibility now. Other facts after a few days later NT was getting help from Capcom Japan on the game while now they're hiring Asian experts on culture and I thought they wanted to westernized the DMC series, why get help from the east?!! The only good part on this is that this will not be in the same universe or continuity of the original DMC series and in a last decent interview on Capcom/NT they wanted to add the things in the cutscenes of the old DMC games to the gameplay. Other than that, the new Dante or "Donte" or Nagurante which most Japanese call him because he looks similar to the Japanese comedian actor Jun Nagura.

Also on a take on this new "Donte". The original Dante is a non smoker, loves pizza, takes a bath and drinks a few beer now and then, smart ass talker and has a heart. The new one is a sadistic psychopath that is out for revenge, kills brutally, has questionable trademark weapons since he's missing Rebellion old school Dante's sword on all DMC games, which was replaced by a staff that stretches like a tentacle(Yes God of War). Ebony and Ivory??? Questionable since his guns in the trailer seem to have a different design and lacks power, his BLACK hair and his questionable/controversial looks from the chief director of NT, Edward Cullen from Twilight, being a junkie addict and much more.

The question here is why did Capcom need to reboot the DMC series? It was doing great on the games, but now with this can they pull off something up their sleeves? It only now lies on the gameplay for some, others like me are afraid of the storyline and direction. Anyways my parting words for this upcoming game is that it should have been another game title, not slapping on a popular franchise name like DMC and calling it DmC reboot with a darker "Donte" which clearly it isn't in all sense and essence of the original roots of DMC is not found here. Pretty much many as of now are VERY disappointed of the outcome of the year and half just for that trailer. If there is anything good I can say about the trailer it's the music just that nothing else.

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