Chatting Again

Chatting Again
Year 2012

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ichiro Heian! Manga chapter.1

Have a Safe Trip! Ch.1

Since it's RAWS and I cannot read Japanese and there are no groups yet that is scanlating or translating this manga I'll just give a brief short summary on this manga chapter in my point of view.
Intro we seem to have another nerdy loser Otaku guy. Who went out to get some food curiously there was a black cat similar to Iori from School Rumble without the scar on it's head, the guy frightened the cat which in where in it was almost ran over by a girl biking, she slipped and hits our male protagonist.

 lesson learned here is not to frighten cats

 Ouch that gotta hurt!
 Ohhh the typical boy meets girl! Is it love at first sight?

Well with that kind of reaction I don't think so....

She's speaking in Chinese she's probably a foreigner and our helpless hero is at a loss.

Later on the girl leaves and he went on with his business, but it seems their meeting was fate?
Seems the landlady of the apartment or a relative knows this girl and seemed  to asked our hero to accompany her.

 Ohhh looky eye balls popping out of his glasses. lol

He seems to be using words from various anime and game media to talk to the girl, it seems it's working the girl is flattered and blushed, seems he's won her trust. In the end of the chapter both where biking together side by side.

Well that's how I see it, will update when translations and scanlations are out.

Another Jin Kobayashi manga I'll be reading and watching out for.

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hauahuahua said...

Very Nice man, i'm also waiting for the one in english!