Chatting Again

Chatting Again
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DmC Backlash : An article about how it's not the hair

 DmC Backlash

Since day one when the new DmC-Devil May Cry Reboot was shown in Tokyo Games 2010 I've been in a raging mood up to now with this direction of one of my favorite Capcom game franchise. They said wait and did a no show on Captivate and said E3 they'll make a big splash and would make the fans go back to game. That splash was a trailer gameplay quote "Gamplay Work In Progress". Which was decent enough, but analyze the trailer completely it doesn't feel like a Devil May Cry game. Everything seems to be out of place, different and awkward. There are too many things that can be said for this reboot, but mostly all articles in the net seems to insult fans of the original game series because of the backlash and others seemed to be paid off. There is one article writer though that knows what's going down with this new DmC and has every fan argument why this reboot sucks from day one. Links are below.


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