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Chatting Again
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Street Fighter IV Collectors Edition

The collectors Edition for PS3 and Xbox360 of SFIV

It includes the following:

  1. The SFIV game
  2. Limited edition diorama figure of Ryu for the PS3 and the sexy C.Viper for Xbox360
  3. A StreetFighter IV animated movie. Blue Ray on PS3 and a GAME DISC for Xbox360 that you can play on your Xbox360 unit. Not a DVD. The Blu Ray Disc can be played on your PS3 unit.
  4. A CD soundtrack
  5. Additional downloadable contents and others not yet revealed by Capcom.

This is AWESOME!!! Being greedy or if you're just DAMN RICH, you can have the Ryu and C.Viper figure together if you get both in the consoles and make a fighting or teamup diaorama of the figures. To bad the Xbox360 anime is not a DVD, but for PS3 owners the Blue Ray disc is pure OWNAGE! This is a limited edition game that is worth buy of every peny.
It retails for $79.99. Not a bad price having ALL those extra stuff.





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