Chatting Again

Chatting Again
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Change123 Manga

Change 123/Change Hi-Fu-Mi

See the picture above you? You see 4 naked girls with censor bars on the CERTAIN areas that are not needed to be scene because of obscenity, so you think I am "THE MASTER OF THE OBVIOUS"...Well tough luck boys and girls, that girl is only one person!

I present Change 123. Hi-Fu-Mi which means Change Hibiki-Fujiko-Mikiri. The shounen manga which follows Motoko Gettou, a female high school student trained by her 3 fathers(actually martial arts masters who are foster fathers). The result of their rigorous training, Motoko developed 3 personalities representing each martial arts of her who each are individually skilled in the combat skills she's learned. She was orphaned at an early age which her mother left her with her 3 foster fathers. There is another personality within Motoko Gettou who's named Zero or 0, who is the strongest. She is ruthless, emotionless, inhumanly strong to point of being able to tear off limbs, and will attack and try to kill anyone she sees. She has all the skills of the other personalities, but has no mercy for anyone. She is Motoko's anger,hatered and rage are within Zero. It's 3-2-1-0/Hibiki-Fujiko-Mikiri-Zero. She is the last resort when all the other personalities are defeated. She can also fuse with the other personalities giving them the level of power she has. She's said to be the natural "BORN KILLER" among all the personalities and said if Motoko doesn't go to theraphy she might develop another personality. The fathers and Motoko's friend Kyosukegawa are trying to find a way to cure her so she may live a normal life.

Change 123 has currently has manga 8 volumes.

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