Chatting Again

Chatting Again
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Revoltech Neo Leina

Sorry for the late updates, been VERY busy! I finally I got the erotic and very mature Queens Blade anime figure from Revoltech Neo Leina!

WARNING!!! Some images are NSFW!

The Leina figure comes with this guy. It's called an ASSEMBLEBORG.


Seal proof it's original.

Leina herself has a coin I dunno what it does, a little orange box where you can put the other loose parts in, the sword and extra hands and destroyed armor.

At the back it has a profile about the upcoming revoltechs and some instructions, it has the ASSEMBLEBORG so literally you get 2 figures, but this figure doesn't have much articulation the ASSEMBLEBORG I mean, and the stand. The seal that warps the box has the advertisement of of the upcoming Revoltech Neo's.

Ok taking off the armor is a BIG PAIN! You need to disassemble her thoroughly from the torso and hip. Yes it's a bit creepy looking at what I did with Leina here, but later on when the armor comes off it will loosen and it'll be easier to to exchange the battle damaged armor with the regular one.

Ok! The one that you'be been waiting for the CASTOFF! Lets start with DAT ASS!

You can pose her covering her boobs, though the bad thing with this figure is those 2 holes you see on the second picture, which holds her armor.

You can have the ASSEMBLEBORG as Leina's enemy.

Last notes:

Pretty much this figure is intended for mature and 18 above collectors since the nude cast off ability it has. The S and M on the box must mean SAFE mode and Mature mode. Not the erotic S&M that most people might think at first. lol J/K.

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