Chatting Again

Chatting Again
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Takeuchi Takashi + Kobayashi Jin doujinshi

Takashi Takeuchi


Jin Kobayashi

Type-moon’s Takeuchi Takashi will be pairing up with mangaka Kobayashi Jin (School Rumble, Natsu no arashi) to release a 36 page full colour A3 sized doujinshi under the doujin circle Rubicon Hearts for the coming Winter Comiket.

The title of the doujinshi will be called “Kyoto, haru.”, which basically means Spring in Kyoto. They have apparently also got a number of different artists to draw background scenary in the book, and the center page spread will be an A2 sized illustration.

Takeuchi’s comment:

I’ve always been thinking that I want to do original doujinshi once more again. But it has always been a kind of a “vague” feeling that always ended up “vaguely” unable to come into fruition.

“Lets go to Kyoto now! We will see the sakura and make the book!”

What broke my “vague” feeling was Kobayashi Jin’s great enthusiasm.

I thought that he would make some absurd suggestions, but at the same time I started getting more and more enthusiastic about the entire thing too. This was the same kind of feeling I constantly had 10 years ago. This feeling is probably the start where all my creative work came from.

I would be happy if this book can become a special part of somebody’s life out there.

Kobayashi’s comment:

“I want to do doujin!” I’ve always had that thought in my mind. To me, creative work outside of commercial business has been highly idealized in my mind.

To be in a hall with very little people, where people might not even be aware of your existence but parts of your book may remain in somebody’s consciousness. An extremely simple way of sending out information. Though it might not go the same way as I imagine it.

This time I’ll be with a great veteran Takeuchi-san. Even though I was nervous about this, I drew everything with some guidance from Takeuchi-san. Takeuchi-san is still as hot-blooded as always. I can’t hesitate! It’ll be a waste of myself!


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