Chatting Again

Chatting Again
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Super Street Fighter IV New Hakan

Meet the newest Street Fighter. A Turkish Oil Wrestler named HAKAN.



Oil Trickling Good FatherBeing a world leading cooking oil maker's manager, though also yağlı gűreş's prominent contestant Turkey's man of valor. His body lacquered of oil from performing fighting techniques moves are born through uniqueness, not just opponents but as far as sightseers occasionally he makes them go into mayhem. Through heartiness with a friendly personality, but also a family-sentimental father. Accent is strong. For the sake of hobbies and practical use, he goes around journeying out to the world's oil.

Name: Hakan
Represented nation: Turkey
Birthday: November 13
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 110 kg
BWH sizes: B172, W160, H165
Blood type: O
Likes: his bride, his daughters, chanko
Dislikes: tobacco, fire
Special skill: enka (traditional-style Japanese popular ballad)
Fighting style: yağlı gűreş/ Oil Wrestling

Final new ultras I & II:

-oil coaster
-oil combination hold

Cooking oil because olive oil's what's used for their wrestling. The style's name is more or less pronounced "yah-roo gyu-resh" from their kana. Yep, he definitely needs to get together with El Fuerte and Honda (never thought they'd put chanko for him to like too, not to mention specializing in enka but I guess that may be part of his gracefulness when it comes to oil wrestling itself). The meaning of his name is "emperor."

Memorable Quotes:

"Looks like it's time to oil up."

"I love my daughters they're all so pretty!"

Video Intro

Interview with Super Street Fighter 4 Producer Yoshinori Ono Interview on Hakan, Arcades, and More on....

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