Chatting Again

Chatting Again
Year 2012

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What If?

WWWhat if? is a website dedicated to exploring the “what ifs” in life. As of right now, the site is dedicated in 3 areas: Animes, Games, and News. Each Category will have its dedicated page in which ideas will be shared and explored. The main site (home) will server as a place to display your owns stories/points of you view. This will occur when a staff member finds sees a really compelling reply to one of our stories and decides to publish your reply to it on the front page, or hub (

Moreover, our plan is to keep up with current events in the anime, games, and national/international world and exploring how certain subjects could be expanded on, taken into a completely different direction, or how it the lack of “it” what have impacted us.

We encourage our readers to provide media; be it video, images, illustrations, drawings, etc. into our discussions to further enrich those “what if” situations.

We would like readers to provide their own ideas and thoughts on any subjects you have in mind, so always feel free to contact us at

PS: Please use the forum for all kinds of community interactivity or projects you might have in mind. Always remember to let your mind be free.

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