Chatting Again

Chatting Again
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Limited Edition Aldra Revoltech

Meet My Wife!
I’ll do my best for you!

Limited Edition Aldra. She's a special mail order poseable toy figure that comes with a game book. I ordered her when she was already out, but if you pre-ordered her on some sites there is a special gift of an autographed artwork from the artist that drew her. So I didn't got the picture which makes me sad and even more bad news it's already sold out! The Book is when Aldra is now a wife while the figure is when she was queen of Gainos.

Limited Edition Release(Sold out)

Regular release

Here's mine out of the box, sorry for the low quality image it's from my cel cam.

Other Blog sites that has reviews on this figure with the limited edition image.

Aldra's story as Wife.

The half-demon that once won two successive Queen’s Blade championships and ruled as the “Bewitched Queen”.
In the last tournament, the Demon Delmore, the source of her super-extraordinary powers was torn-off from her and she was defeated. By losing most of her powers, her body that had stopped growing reverted to its true form.
After that, she embarked on a journey to find her lost sister but she suffered memory loss.
What saved the physically and mentally exhausted Aldra was the “love” from a certain man. They married and Aldra’s heart was healed.
A short-lived happy live began before the war between the Queen’s Army and the Rebel Army spread through the whole Continent. To protect her loved husband, she was determined to throw herself in the fight. She will use her innate summoning skills again. She summoned and made a contract with the Underworld dwellers Belphe and Dogor. However, those two are a dangerous threat that plots to eat their contractor Aldra when they get the opportunity!!

Height: 163cm
: 87
: Gondolier
War paddle (oar)
: None
Her husband (for some reason, no one has ever seen him)
: Going out with her husband

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