Chatting Again

Chatting Again
Year 2012

Monday, January 10, 2011

Death in the Family.

Long months in 2010 I didn't posts....
The reason is my mother died. It was very sudden, she had asthma and was smoking for long time. She stopped smoking at 2005 when she got hospitalized with pulmonary infection and is diagnosed as diabetic, she recovered and became well again and got back to work. Then as you see 5 years later she died. She thought it was an asthma attack, but it was a stroke we wanted her to go to the hospital, but still insisted not to go to the hospital and I just turned on the electric fan and massaged her back and chest and observed her, when she was really out of breath then she herself said to take her to a hospital, I called the phone so my uncle and I can take her and when I looked back at her she fainted on the sofa and bubbles started coming out of her mouth. That instant shocked me and when my uncle arrived he, me and some neighbors carried my mom out to the car, when we arrived at the hospital she was dead on arrival, she was revived a three times, but still a few minutes after the 3rd revival flatline. I was very sad then, Christmas and New Year I had no mother. Christmas and New Year's are the time when we all put our differences aside and hug and become a family again. My father and mother are divorced, never herd from my father since I was 12 years old. My mom, grandma and aunt took care of me at the time. Now that both gramama and mom is dead. Well Iam alone at my mothers house since in her last will she said I must take care of it. My aunt now acts as my guardian, now Iam just picking up things, quit my job and trying to start a new life without her.

Anyways sad things aside this is a new year 2011 Year of the rabbit gotta start a new life and be more optimistic and positive and stop being emotional. I now only pray to God that God rest her soul, may she rest in peace in heaven with all the angels and saints and people that have passed on.

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